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Under contruction, be prepared to stop

The road to live is always under construction. I thought of this on my way to Charleston yesterday when there were miles of construction zones. I was in such a good mood on the way down and esp on the way home because it was soooo beautiful out and I had my windows down, my sun roof open. It was awesome. It makes putting up w/ugly weather, for moments like this. Plus, Liz burnt me 4 new CDs so I had ample time to listen and appreciate all of them thoroughly. Which reminds me, I seen a quote yesterday and I loved it. I did not write it down so I will try to recite the gist. It is not the goal to see through another person, but to see another person through. I wish I could make that saying hold true for my job but more and more, I lose faith that I am really helping anybody. Any of my “success” stories, have blown up in my face. It is really frustrating. Urgh, my kids will NOT stop getting in trouble. That is it, I am not having kids and/or teenagers. I am going to adopt a 47 yr old. Ha ha. That sounds like a hella good plan. Alright, well I am done rambling for now. Until next time.
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