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Good Times

Last night was really nice and for a minute it felt like the good ol'days. I went to DJ's to eat w/Bran and Liz. Well come to find out, Jen, Manda, Bran, Jess, Chels and Liz were all meeting. It is just crazy because back in the day we would all been together at least every other day and now it is such a rare thing. But we are going to try to make it a monthly thing from now on. Yay. I esp want to get everyone together for the Nov. bdays ( Liz, Jen, Manda, Nikki) But it was sweet because when we were leaving there were these older ladies that stopped me and asked if we all went to school together. She said that is nice that y'all still get together. Then she pointed to the two woman that she was with and said that they went to school together and they still make it a point to get together every once in awhile. It was sweet. I don't doubt the the "clique" will never "lose touch" but it does really get harder to "lets hang out". Ya know. Ok now I am just rambling. To all those I know and love *hugs*

21 DAYS !!!!!!!!!
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