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Is the year half gone, or is there still half a year to go?

Hello to all, its been awhile. Since the last post that I made Liz and I have lived in our house since Feb. Things have been good. People have said that living together will ruin Liz and I and all I have to say is "um... no but thanks for that". I don't know if Liz hates it or not but in the end I know that we will always and forever be great.
Last weekend me and my grandpa was in a quad wreck and it was a very close call. That situation basically scared the bgeezes out of me. I would think that it would make me all nice and happy that I was alive and didn't go over the cliff. But instead I have been extremely edgy and sad. I don't understand. I am just so sick of not feeling "normal" like I just want to feel good and I just don't.
Work is actually driving me crazy too. Working w/the human race is just nonsense. I mean sometimes I just want to smack da beotchs in their face. Its like listen your life is not that bad, let the bullshit go and quit being petty. Quickly I have seen how people get burnt out hella quit. I think sometimes that people misunderstand Social Work for Miracle Work. Its quite possible that I am in the wrong field. Because I, for one, do not feel that people deserve anything just because. I mean there are people out there that say "you need to do this, you need to give me that, you need, you need..." Well guess what "you need to get you ass out and get a job and take care of your damn self and protect your kids. Your kids did not ask to be born to nucking idiots that don't nucking care about them. But who pays for it the kids. The kids are the ones that are removed from their home and everything that they know because of their PARENTs that just "can't" get off the drugs/alcohol or get off their damn backs. Then the kids are left w/the rest of theirs lives to convince themselfs that they are not the ones that was at fault. Even though I don't work w/child protective services everyday. I see my juveniles that only act the way they were taught, allowed to do. And now the parents are like "fix them". URgh.... damn I am ready for the weekend. I am ready to listen to country music and drink a few cold ones. Sorry to go off a rant for a minute there. Good day !
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